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  • Where is Diesel Fitness located?
    We are located just North of Kennedy on 515 N Newport Ave. Right by the University of Tampa.
  • At what age should youth athletes start training?
    Athletes should be training in some form at all ages! We offer a youth class for ages 7-11 that teaches young athletes how to move their body properly to set the foundation for athletic development. We include speed, mobility, stability, agility, endurance, and light strength training in these youth sessions to improve young athletes overall athleticism.
  • How often should I train?
    The frequency of training depends on a number of factors including lifestyle, goals, and intensity. Here at Diesel we sit down with each client to create a training game plan and map out exactly how often you should be training as well as what type of training.
  • How do I sign up?
    We would love to get you started! Fill out the contact form below or give us a call at 813-254-3707 and we will get you in for an initial assessment and create a game-plan from there.


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